Summit Surgical Center

416 North Bedford Drive Suite 400B , Beverly Hills , California 90210 United States     (310) 859-9988

The most qualified team of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons offer the latest advances in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, and liposuction, facial plastic surgery, face and neck lift, rhinoplasty. Summit also leads the way in both male and female genital reconstruction surgery, including labia reduction (labiaplasty), vaginal rejuvination, and other female genital procedures.

A Multi-Specialty Ambulatory Surgery Center

Outpatient Surgery

  • Gary Alter MD
  • Jennifer Anger MD
  • Alana Dzurek
  • Michael Groth MD
  • Josef Hadeed MD
  • Neal Handel MD
  • Holiday!!! Holiday!!!
  • Amy Hsu MD
  • Maan Kattash MD
  • John Layke DO
  • Gary Leach MD
  • Kimberly Lee MD
  • Harrison Lee MD
  • Lawrence Lefkoff MD
  • Layla Mashayekhi
  • Guy Massry MD
  • Richard Mettel MD
  • Mona Misra MD
  • Beth Moore MD
  • McCoy Moretz MD
  • Michael Newman M.D.
  • Jay Orringer MD
  • Aric Park MD
  • Leif Rogers MD
  • David Rosenberg M.D.
  • Mehryar Taban MD
  • Shawn Taheri MD
  • Benjamin Taimoorazy MD
  • Kevin Tehrani MD
  • John Villanueva MD
  • Christopher Zoumalan MD
  • Richard Zoumalan MD

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