Online Patient Intake Forms

Online patient intake forms


iMARSMED provides a secure, online patient access to customized health forms to collect updated health and medical history from patients.

Patients can send information to their healthcare team and easily update their allergies, medications, medical conditions, etc. prior to any doctor's visit or ahead of a surgical procedure.

iMARSMED provides the best patient check in from home experience

We take the headache out of creating a meaningful interaction between you and your patients even before they ever step foot in your office.

Your patients review and complete pre-admission and registration paperwork from the comfort and the privacy of their home away from the office. Read over consents, and other important documents on their own time, without being rushed. Never a need to fill out multiple forms to provide up-to-date health history to different medical facilities, departments or caregivers.

In addition, iMARSMED allows patients to have access to their most up-to-date health information, and have the ability to send that information to a new doctor.

  • Saves time and convenient for both your office staff and the patient
  • Your staff will get an early start to review and troubleshoot any upcoming events
  • Saves time and money by converting to electronic forms
  • Preferred by patients
  • Up-to-date records available from anywhere at anytime.
  • No lost papers, missing forms, illegible documents, etc.

How Does It Work?

iMARSMED's Intake Forms are simply your paper forms converted to pdf forms and uplaoded to your account! Simple as that may sound, it took a great deal of ingenuity to get it to work right. We also created a set of pre-defined forms built-in to collect the very basic health history applicable to any practice settings. The combination of both electronic forms makes iMARSMED's Intake Forms completely customizable and makes us theh option and the leader in the industry.

  • 1) First, collect all your paper forms and scan and convert to pdf forms. If you are not familiar with this, we can help you do that. A real simple and easy process!
  • 2) Once your forms are properly setup and uploaded as templates, you can simply select and send them privately to your patients to fill and sign from home. Your patients don't need to create and account or register to do this. This is all done in a secure and HIPAA compliant server behind firewalls and everything else is needed to make sure all data is safe and secure.
  • 3) As soon as your patient completes and submits an intake form, you receive a notification and the documents become available in the patient's iMARSMED account.
  • 4) You, your clinical staff can then review, comment, correct and sign and save the forms. Both you and the patient will get updated and signed copies for safe keeping in the Patient Portal.

Converting to Electronic Health Records has other advantages:

Most people take little personal ownership of their health information. They rely mostly on their doctor and health care professionals to keep good records and share those records with other health care providers. But the fact is that this is not often the case. Unless you are dealing with a very major illness, most doctors don’t request records for routine exams and proceed to make diagnosis unaware of the patient’s accurate health history.

iMARSMED is trying to change this. We are creating a growing population with free access to their accurate Health records. Our users review and fill out all paperwork online and send it along with their updated health records. They are "engaged" that do their research; they expects their time to be valued, and look for simple, convenient tools to manage their busy lifestyle. Engaged patients stay informed, are comfortable discussing health issues, asking questions, and challenging their doctor when necessary.

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