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Online appointment booking

Real-time Appointment Scheduler Application for Healthcare

80% of patients prefer a physician who has online patient scheduling, but only 15% of doctors’ appointments are scheduled online

Recent consumer research indicates online appointment scheduling is an influencing factor in provider selection. From Stax Inc. study

We take the headache out of creating a meaningful interaction between you and your patients even before they ever step foot in your office.

Patients like other consumers value convenience and access to their doctor as the most important factors influencing healthcare decision making. Here at iMARSMED, we deliver providers and their patients the tools in order to bring convenience and value to their lives including the ability to book appointments online.

If your practice doesn’t offer online scheduling, or you are unhappy with the solution you are currently using, it’s time to contact iMARS and let us take care of your needs. A recent Stax Study suggests that more than 80 percent of patients would prefer to schedule their own appointment using a secure web service, yet most practices often don’t give patients the option.

Many Would Consider Switching to Doctors Who Offer Online Services

The convenience of anytime, anywhere access is so important that almost half would consider switching doctors for a practice that offered the ability to communicate and complete important health care tasks online.

The study further shows:

  • 70 percent of patients are concerned about managing their health care bills.
  • 62 percent said their health care costs have increased.
  • Two-thirds believe their health care costs will increase in the future.
  • Baby Boomers were most concerned with rising costs: 66 percent said their costs have increased and 72 percent are most concerned with rising costs in the future. Compared to 59 percent of Gen Y and Gen X respondents who said their health care costs have increased, and 62 percent who were concerned with rising costs in the future.

Your Patients Are Demaing To Book Appointments Online

If you were booking an appointment over the phone and were forced to wait on hold, would you hang up and go somewhere else? Chances are your patients would. Infact, most patients point out frustrations with the office staff who have booked a service appointment on the phone.

Doctors need real-time online scheduling options

Given the vast presence of online booking options for services such as restaurants, hotels, airlines, and Uber (or taxi), patients have become familiar and accustomed to the conveniences of booking services at their own leisure.

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