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Email in general is not secure. There is no reliable way to know that the person receiving the email is the intended recipient. Medical providers are required to inform patients that they should expect no privacy as it relates to using the practice’s insecure email. So, when it comes to discussing diagnoses and treatments for patients, you need to be aware that general email has no guarantee of privacy.

iMARSMAIL gives you the email security your patients and your practice can depend on.

QuickBooks Online is not a HIPPA compliant program!

Did you know that QuickBooks Online is not a HIPPA compliant program?

It is recommended that Quickbook users look for 3rd party apps to see if they can find a security patch that works with QuickBooks Online and that can comply with the strict HIPAA security guidlines.

iMARSMED offers a HIPAA compliant, secure billing and invoicing system for healthcare professionals. Create an invoice in just minutes, post it to your patient's portal account complete with a Pay Now button. It’s a payment and invoicing tool in one. Ideal for solo practitioners, as well as multi-physician groups of any specialty, chiropractic, and especialy cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Easily generate and track procedure based invoices, unpaid invoices, and account receivables.

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